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Vans RV10 – 2006

More Info.

TTSN: 500 hrs
Full interior paneling
Lycoming Engine
Slick Magneto right/left
Skytec Starter
Unison Lasar controller
Precision fuel injection servo
Precision fuel manifold
Lycoming fuel pump
B & C Alternator MAIN
B & C Alternator Stby
MT Propeller
MT Governor
Custom made Instrument panel
Garmin VHF/NAV/GPS radio
Garmin VHF/NAV radio
Garmin Transponder
Garmin Audio panel
UNK Standby Compas
Trutrak Stanby Pictorial T& B
UMA Standby VSI
UMA Standby ASI
Winter Standby ALT
Dynon Magnetometer EDC-D10A
Grand Rapids Engine monitor
Trutrak Autopilot
Chelton EFIS
Pinpoint GADAHRS
WX500 Stormscope


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Ref : 822-2017

Vans RV10 – 2013

More Info.

TTSN: 235 hrs
Exterior: White/red/silver
Interior: Grey leather
Dual Dynon Avionics skyview panel
Garmin GMA 240 audio panel
Garmin SL30 Radio
Garmin SL40 Transponder
4 place intercom

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*Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold*
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*Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold*

Ref : 736-2017

Van’s RV4 – 2000

More Info.

TTSN: 600 Hrs
Engine SMOH: 600Hrs
Prop TSNEW: 600 Hrs
Garmin 196
Grey Fabric Seats
Grey Leather Interior Panels
*withdrawn* *withdrawn* *withdrawn* *withdrawn* *withdrawn*

Ref : 398-2016

Van’s RV10 – NEW

More Info.

Paint to be specified by New Owner
Interior to be specified by New Owner
2x D1000 Dynon 10” Display
EMS 220 with Fuel Flow Monitoring
2x Dual Back up Batteries (1Hr End)
Dual ADHRS Installed
AVEO Eye Beam Touch Cabin Lights
Dynon Auto Pilot
Dynon GPS 250
Dynon Mode S Transponder
Garmin GTR 200 VHF Radio
PMA8000BT Audio Panel
HID Landing/Taxi Light
LED Nav Lights
LED Strobe Lights
*Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold* *Sold*

Ref : 370- 2015

Van’s RV9 – 2006

More Info.

TTSN 520 Hrs
Aero Sport Power Titan 0-320-D1A-160 hp engine
Catto 3 blade fixed pitch propeller
Nav and strobe lights
30l / hour fuel burn
ICOM IC-A200 Comm
Garmin SL30 Nav/ Comm
Garmin TX320 Transponder
Garmin 696 GPS
Dynon D100 EFIS
Dynon D120 EMS
Dynon 2 Axis Auto-Pilot
Dynon HS34 control panel

Ref : 214-2014

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