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Robinson R44 Ground Handling Wheels

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Robinson R44 Ground Handling WheelsRobinson R44 Ground Handling WheelsRobinson R44 Ground Handling WheelsRobinson R44 Ground Handling Wheels






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Aircraft Leather Trim Services

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Exclusive Leather Interiors for your Robinson R44. (Special Order for Other Models)
Leather Door Liners and Pockets Throughout the Machine to Match your Current Leather interior.

Kit Includes: Four Main Door Panels with Pockets.  (One Without a Pocket for the Left Side Collective Position)

Four Door Vent Trims

Three Seat Bar Cushions

Two Rear Seat Pockets

One Mid Rear Seat Pocket

Aviation Burn Resistant Adhesive

Price Excluding Shipping and Fitting:                                                                 R 7 800.00 + VAT

Easy to Fit, We supply the Aviation Approved Adhesive as well as Burn Certificate Required for your AMO to Fit.  Expect a Max of 3 hrs Fitting time From Your Engineer.

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