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Robinson R44 Raven I – 2006

More Info.

TTSN: 2390 hrs
Black leather interior
Dual controls
Cabin Cover
Ground Handling wheels
Artificial Horizon
Turn Indicator and Side Tilt
Directional Gyroscope
Airspeed Indicator
Bendix King KY196A
Bendix King KT76C

Ref : R44-944

Robinson R44 Raven I – 2000

More Info.

TTSN: 2627,7 hrs
Grey leather interior
Ground handling wheels
Cabin Cover
Dual Controls
Standard 9 hole panel
Artificial Horizon
Turn and Side tilt indicator
Directional gyroscope
Bendix King KY196
Bendix King KT76c

Ref : R44-1000

Robinson R44 Raven II – 2007

More Info.

TTSN: 3799,4 hrs
Air conditioning
Black Leather seats
Dual controls
Cabin Cover
Bubble Windows
9 Hole Panel
Artificial Horizon
Turn & side tilt indicator
Directional Gyroscope
Bendix King KY196A
Garmin 420

Ref : R44-1010

BELL 407 – 2016

More Info.


TTSN: 145
Dual Controls
Low Skid Gear
Wire Strike Protection kit
High Visibility Windows
Bubble Doors
High Visibility Main Rotor Blades
Aircomm Air conditioner
Dual forward evaporators
Bleed Air Heater with Chin bubble vent
Pneumatic Door openers
Spacemaker Baggage Extender
Ground Wheels, Inlet Plugs & Covers
Blade Tie Downs

Garmin G1000H integrated Avionics System
2 Axis AFCS Autopilot
Dual 10,4 “ High Res Display
PFD and MFD Dual Integrated Avionics Units
Audio Control panel
Digital Air Data Computer
Attitude Heading Reference Unit (AHRS)
Mode S Transponder
Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and HTAWS
Garmin GTS800 TAS
Artex 406 NHM ELT
Radar Altimeter RA4500
Bose Headsets
Full Length Panoramic Windows

Ref : B407-1036

Robinson R44 Raven II – 2008

More Info.

TTSN: 1650 hrs
Dual Controls
Air conditioning
4 x David Clark Headsets
Ground Handling Wheels
Bubble windows front only
Vertical Compass
Turn Co-ordinator
Millibar Altimeter
9 Hole Panel
AA12S Audio Panel
Bendix King Ky196A Com/Radio
Garmin GNS 430 GPS Moving Map Display with 2nd Com/ILS/VOR
Bendix King KT76C Mode C Transponder
Artificial Horizon
Directional Gyro

Ref : R44 - 1038

Robinson R22 Beta II – 2007

More Info.

TTSN: 1673 hrs
Grey Leather interior
Ground Handling Wheels
Cabin Cover
Tie Downs
7 Hole Panel
Bendix King KT76C
Bendix King KY196A
2 x Headsets
Dual Controls

Ref : R22-1046

Bell 230 – 1994

More Info.

TTSN 3455 Hrs
Leather VIP interior
Dual Controls
4 King 500 EFIS tubes with autopilot
Full Co-Pilot Instruments.
Garmin 400 coupled to Auto Pilot.
Radar Alt. Coupled to EFIS.
Bendix King-MFD.
WX Radar
Force Trim

KD AVX Entertainment Centre
RDR Colour radar
Moving Map King KMD850
Radar Altimeter King KRA403
Dual King KTR908 VHF Comms
Dual King KNR634 VOR
Dual King KMA24H Audio
ADF King KDF806
DME King
Transponder King KT
Garmin 420 GPS/Comms
Skywaden SKY497 Traffic avoidance
4 Tube EFIS-Nav coupled

Ref : B230-1028

Robinson R44 Raven II – 2005

More Info.

TTSN: 2200 hrs (1st Rebuild)
No Damage History
Tan Leather Interior
Dual Controls
Cabin Cover
4 x Headsets
Standard 9 Hole Panel
Artificial Horizon
Turn and Side tilt Indicator
Directional Gyroscope
Garmin 420

Ref : R44-1008

Bell 206 L3 – 1992

More Info.

TTAF: 5544 hrs
Fresh MRH & MRB
Air Conditioner
High Skid Landing Gear
Dual Control
Corporate Leather Interior
4 seater + pilot & co-pilot
Dual Navy/Comm Bendix/King KX-165
GPS Garmin 150 XL
ADF Bendix/King KR-87
ATC Transponder KT-76A
ELT Artex ME406-HM
DME Bendix/King KN-62A
Bendix/KMA – 24H

Ref : B206L3 - 882


More Info.

TTSN: 680 hrs
5 Seater VIP cabin configuration
4 Point shoulder harnesses with inertial reels
Super silent soundproofing
Cabin loudspeakers
6 x Noise cancelling headsets
213 Gallon fuel system
Cabin air conditioning and heating
LH/RH electrically operated passenger steps
Fire extinguishers
Pulse Chip detectors
Mast vibration absorber system
Windshield wipers
Baggage compartment extensions
Retractable/rotating nose mounted landing light
Rotor Brake
Locking fuel cap
Emergency float provisions (fixed)

4 Axis Dual Digital AFCS integrated with FMS
Pilot/Co-pilot Flight/navigation EFIS
4 Tube EFIS system
Pilot/Co-pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS
Pilot/Co-pilot Nav Synchronization switch
Electronic Standby Attitude Indicator system
Collins RTU-421- Radio management system
Collins VHF/AM VHF-4000W
ALT 4000 Radio Altimeter on EFIS
Air data unit
Artex ELT 406-N HM
Dual Controls
TAS620 Traffic avoidance system

Ref : 876-2017

Robinson R22 Beta II – 2003

More Info.

TTSN: 2175
HOBBS: 276
Exterior: Green with yellow stripe
Leather interior
Ground Handling Wheels
Dual Controls
Cabin cover
Standard 7 hole panel
Vertical speed indicator
Bendix King comm

Ref : 886-2017

Robinson R22 Beta II – 2003

More Info.

TTSN: 3518 HRS
Exterior: Green with silver stripe
Grey leather interior
Ground Handling wheels
Cabin Cover
Standard 7 hole Panel
Vertical Speed Indicator
Bendix King com

Ref : 884-2017

AGUSTA 109C – 1991

More Info.

TTSN: 2597 hrs
Engine 1 TSN: 2534 hrs
Engine 2 TSN: 2245 hrs
Blue/grey leather interior
Bendix King KDS81 Digital Weather Radar
Honeywell EFOS-50 ADI & HSI installed
Garmin MX-20 Multifunction Display
Dual Garmin GNS-430 GPS/NAV/COMM
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
Garmin Audio Panel

Ref : A109-994

Eurocopter AS355N – 1992

More Info.

TTSN: 2598 hrs
Engine 1 TSN: 1917 hrs
Engine 2 TSN: 3224 hrs
Engine 2 TSOH: 948
Dual Controls
High Skid Landing Gear
Freon Air Conditioning
Rotor Brake
VIP Interior – grey leather

Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Garmin GMA340H Audio Panel
Garmin Aerea 796 Fixed panel mounted GPS
Garmin GI102A CDI-VOR Indicator
Digital Clock 2’ with USD charger
ELT 406
Bose Hardwired Noise Cancelling Headsets

Ref : AS355 - 996

Bell Jetranger 206 B3 – 1979

More Info.

TTAF: 13825 hrs
TT Engine: 13025 hrs
Dual Control
Brown Leather interior
Wedge Windows
High Skid Gear
Artificial Horizon
Bendix King KY96A
Bendix King KT76A
Bendix King KMA 24H
Garmin GPS 100

Ref : 206B3 - 960

Eurocopter AS350B3e (H125) – 2016

More Info.

TTSN: 316 hrs
Dual controls
Pilots windshield wiper
Cargo Swing (fixed & removable parts)
Enlarge cockpit floor window (right side)
LH Landing Light
Emergency floatation gear
Sliding Window on rear LH Sliding door
VEMD data download Kit
Air intake filter – Donaldson IBF
Dual Front Seat installation

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VFR day/night package
CDI – Garmin GI106A
ICS – Garmin GMA 350H
VHF/VOR/LOC/GS – Garmin GNC 244A
Transponder mode S – Garmin GTX 33H
VHF/VOR/LOC/GS – Garmin 650H
Gyro Horizon – Thales H321 EHM
Directional Gyro – AIM 205 1BL
Altitude encoder – Trans-cal
Turn & Bank indicator – UI9560

Ref : AS350B3-778

Robinson R44 Raven II – 2006

More Info.

TTSN: 1545 hrs
Velour interior – Canvas seat covers
Dual Controls
Cabin Cover
Ground Handling Wheels
Standard 9 hole panel
Artificial Horizon
Directional Gyroscope
Turn indicator & side tilt
Garmin 420
Bendix King KY96A

*sold* *sold* *sold* *sold* *sold* *sold* *sold* *sold*

Ref : R44-936