Eurocopter EC 130 B4 – 2005

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TTSN: 1680
Dual Controls
Air Conditioning
Inlet Barrier Filter
Flotation Gear
Ground Handling Wheels
Engine washing device
VEMD with fuel flow
7 x Bose ANR headsets
Comm Garmin GNS 430
Comm/Nav KX165A
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder
Kannad ELT 406
Thales Horizon with slip skid indicator
Garmin GMA340H audio panel
Radio Altimeter Thales AHV16
HSI K1525A
Gyro Directional KCS55A

Ref : EC130-1146

Eurocopter AS350 B3 (H125) – 2015

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TTSN: 290 hrs
Dual Controls
Dual Hydraulics
Donaldson Sand filter STC
Cargo Swing
Sand erosion protection strip on MR Blades
Aircomm Air conditioning system STC
Moon Mat for cabin flooring
Red Leather seating

Garmin GC 255A – VHF/VOR/LOC/GS
Garmin GTX33H – transponder
Thales H321 EHM – Gyro Horizon
AIM205-1BL Gyro directional
UI9560 – Turn & Bank Indicator
Trans-Cal – altitude encoder
Kannad Integra 406 AP-H – ELT
Garmin GMA350H – ICS + passenger interphone

Ref : AS350-788

Eurocopter AS355N – 1992

More Info.

TTSN: 2598 hrs
Engine 1 TSN: 1917 hrs
Engine 2 TSN: 3224 hrs
Engine 2 TSOH: 948
Dual Controls
High Skid Landing Gear
Freon Air Conditioning
Rotor Brake
VIP Interior – grey leather

Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Garmin GMA340H Audio Panel
Garmin Aerea 796 Fixed panel mounted GPS
Garmin GI102A CDI-VOR Indicator
Digital Clock 2’ with USD charger
ELT 406
Bose Hardwired Noise Cancelling Headsets

Ref : AS355 - 996

Eurocopter EC120B Colibri – 2002

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*excluding shipping

TTSN: 2500 HRS
Dual Controls
Leather interior
Dual Controls
King Radio
Full Instrument Panel (ILS/VOR)
King KT76C Transponder
Garmin GPS GNS430
Airspeed Indicator
Vertical Airspeed Indicator
Dual Tachometer
Turn & slip indicator

Ref : 847-2017

Eurocopter EC 130 B4 – 2008

More Info.

TTSN: 595 hrs
Turbomeca Arriel 2B2 Turbine Engine
Exterior: Black/White
VIP Configuration
Dual Controls
Leather Interior
Air conditioning system
Sun protected upper windows
7 Energy absorbing seats
7 Bose noise reduction headsets
200A Direct Generation System
GH Wheels Particle Separation Kit
Cellular Phone connection to helicopter audio
Cabin Fire Extinguisher




Honeywell KX165A VHF/VOR/LOC/Glide
Garmin GNS 430 VHF/VOR/LOC/Glide/GPS
Kannad 406AF-H ELT
Altitude Encoder Shadin 8800T
Honeywell KCS55A Gyro compass
Garmin 340 ICS
Garmin GTX33 Transponder
Thales H321EHM Gyro Horizon
Honeywell KI525 HSI with selector switch
Fixed Landing Lights
Rotor Brake
Ground Power Receptacle
First Aid Kit

Ref : EC120 - 1140

Eurocopter Squirrel AS350 BA – 1982

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**Serious offers will be considered**
TTSN 7800 Hrs
Light grey interior
Ground Handling wheels
Blade Tie Downs
5 David Clark Headsets
Garmin 420
Dual Controls
Turn Slip Indicator

Ref : 496-2016

Eurocopter AS350 BA – 1995

More Info.

TTSN 6350 Hrs
Fresh 12 Year inspection
Full Interior Refurb
Great Components
Full Leather Interior
Ground Handling Wheels
6 Headsets
Blue and White


Ref : 168-2014

Eurocopter AS350 B3e – 2013

More Info.

TTSN: 443hrs
Dual Flight Controls
Dual Hydraulics
Cargo Hook
High Skid Landing gear
High Vis. MR Blades
Donaldson AFS (IBF) inlet Barrier Filter
BLR FastFin Tail Rotor enhancement
Airframe fuel filter
Dart baggage extender
Dart Wire Strike Kit
Dart Dual Mirror Kit
Dart Supersize floor window
Dart Long Boarding access steps
Dart Full Length Skid Wearplate Kit
Cabin Heating Demisting System


Nav/Com/GPS – Garmin GNS430W
Comm2 – Garmin SL-40 VHF
Mode S Transponder – Garmin GTX-330
Directional Gyro
Vertical Speed Indicator
Turn Co-ordinator
Technisonics TDFM-6148 Radio
Technisonics TDFM-136 Radio
Geneva Audio Router
Geneval Audio Panel (Pilot & Co-pilot)
Shadin 8800-T Altitude encoder
RC Allen Digital RCA2600-3 Attitude Indicator
GI-106A Nav Head

Ref : 844-2017

Eurocopter AS350 B3E – 2012

More Info.


TTSN: 640 hrs
Emergency locator – ELT
Main ICS 2 lanes
Cabin heating
Dual Controls
Gyro Horizon
Gryro Directional
VOR/1 & VOR/2
Encoding Altimeter (Mode C)


Ref : 632-2016

Eurocopter AS350 B3+ – 2007

More Info.

TTSN 1450
VIP Interior
6 Bose A20 Headsets
Cargo Hook Provision
Cargo Floor Window Mod
Radar Alt
Garmin 430
Garmin PFD
AH, DI and Turn and Slip
Inlet Barrier Filter
Front Bubble Windows
Dual Controls
Mode C Transponder



Ref : 472 - 2016

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