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Cessna T210M – 1978

More Info.

TTSN: 3550 hrs
Engine TSN: 781 hrs
Engine TBO: 1600 hrs
Propellor TSOH: 696 hrs
Beige Leather interior
Dual Controls
Garmin GMA 340 Nav/Comm
Gamin GNS 530 GPS
Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Artificial Horizon
Turn & Side Tilt indicator

Ref : C210-968

Cessna Caravan 208B – 2006

More Info.

TTSN: 3268 hrs
Engine TSN: 3268 hrs
Engine OH TTO: 332.3 hrs
Engine HSI TTO: 1800 hrs
Propeller McCauley TTO: 2289,2 hrs
8 seater VIP configuration
Oasis Interior
Air Conditioning
De-icing system
Aero Twin Rudder Gust Lock Kit
Exhaust deflector

VHF Comm/NAV Garmin GNS530W/GNS430W
VOR/Marker Receiver Garmin GNS530W/GNS430W
GPS Garmin GNS530W/GNS430W
Autopilot/Flight Director Bendix King KFC225
ADF Bendix King KR87
ELT Artex ME406
Weather Radar Honeywell RDR-2000
Weather Satellite Honeywell KDR 610
ATC Transponder Honeywell GTX330
MFD Bendix King KMD 540
DME Interrogator Honeywell KN63

Ref : C208 - 1022

Cessna Caravan 208B – 2008

More Info.

TTSN : 1169 hrs
Engine TSN : 1169 (TBO 3500 hrs)
Engine – Pratt & Whitney PT6-114A
Propeller McCauley 3 blade
9 Seater configuration
Fresh Air Ventilation
Anti-Icing system
17 port Oxygen system
Cargo Pod
Jeppersen Chart View
Flight Director Dual Garmin GDU-104A PFD
Garmin GMA-1347 audio panel

Garmin G1000 Flight Deck
GTX-33 Mode S Transponder
Garmin TAWS B
Radar Altimeter KRA405
Traffic Advisory System KTA-870
Colour Weather Radar GWX-68
ELT 406 Mhz
Com/Nav/GPS/GS Garmin GIA63
Garmin GDC 74A

Ref : C208B-1020

Cessna Caravan 208B – 2008

More Info.

TTSN : 2363,30 hrs
Engine TSN : 2363,30 hrs
Engine TT0 : 1234,80 hrs
Engine THSI : 1234,80 hrs
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A
Propeller McCauley TTO: 2829,05 hrs
No Damage History
8 Seater Configuration
2 Crew
Air conditioning
Cargo pod
Leather Interior
Dual Garmin GDC74-A Air Data Computer
Retractable Crew Steps
Exhaust Deflector
Towbar & Tail Stand

Garmin G1000 Integrated Cockpit System
VHF Comm/Nav Garmin GIA63W
ADF Garmin KR87
Localizer Receiver Garmin GIA63W
Glide Path Garmin GIA63W
Marker Receiver Garmin GIA63W
VOR Receiver Garmin GIA63W
Radio Altimeter Honeywell KRA 405B
Weather Radar Garmin GWX68
TCAS Garmin KTA810
ELT Artex C406N
GPS Garmin GIA63W
ATC Transponder Honeywell GTX33
DME Interrogator Honeywell KN63
Aero Twin Rudder Gust Lock Kit AT-RL-1001

Ref : C208B-1018

Cessna Turbo 210N – 1979

More Info.

TTAF: 2907 hrs
Engine: Continental TSIO-520-R
Propeller: McCauley 3 Blade
1063 hrs since new
242 hrs since overhaul
Grey Leather interior
Air Conditioning
PAI 700 Compass

Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel
Garmin GTX 320 Transponder
Garmin 430 GPS/NAV/COM x 2
BFG WX500 Stormscope
King KFC 200 Flight Director / Auto pilot
RC Allen Standby AH
Shadin Fuel Flow indicator
ACK Blind Encoder
EHSI Sandel SN3308
Davtron OAT/Press Alt Indicator

Ref : C210-966

Cessna Caravan 208B – 1995

More Info.


TTSN: 15739 hrs
TCSN: 19021
Engine – Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A
Engine TSN: 671 hrs
Engine CSN: 563
Propeller – Hartzell HC-E4N-3P
Propeller TSN: 671 hrs
Leather Interior
2 x Crew
12 seater configuration

King Silver Crown Series:
1 x KMA 24H Audio Panel
1 x KLN 89B GPS
1 x KWX-56 Weather Radar
1 x KT71 XPDR
2 x Aspen Evolution MFD/PFD
1 x KFC 150 Auto Pilot
2 x KX165 Nav Comm
1 x KR87 ADF
1 x ME 406 ELT

Ref : C208B-978

Cessna 680 Sovereign – 2005

More Info.

TTAF: 4720 hrs
Engine: Model PW306C
Engine TT: 4720
APU TT: 3042
Fire blocked
9 passenger configuration
Sand Beige Leather
Forward Galley
Entertainment system
Aircell ST3100 Sat phone Dual headsets
ELT 406
Extended Range Oxygen
Led Cabin lighting

Comms: Dual Honeywell TR865A
Navs: Dual Honeywell TR875A
ADF: Honeywell DF-855
DME: Dual Honeywell DME 855
XPDR: Dual Honeywell XS857A
Radar Altimeter: Honeywell RT-300
Radar: Honeywell Primus 880
TCAS: Honeywell EGPWS
Dual: HF KHF1050
FMS/GPS Dual Honeywell FMS
Honeywell Primus EPIC Displays
Flight Director Honeywell EPIC
Autopilot Honeywell EPIC


Ref : 910-2017

Cessna 182 – 1965

More Info.

Engine 500 hrs SMOH
Grey leather seats
Paint & Interior 9/10
Dual Headsets
Garmin GPS

Ref : 498-2016

Cessna Citation VI – 1994

More Info.

TT: 5915.5
Engines – Garrett TFE731-3B-100S
Executive 9 passenger configuration
Tan Leather interior
Refreshment centre with entertainment equipment
B & D Cabin display system
Cockpit Display & Cabin Entertainment system
Air conditioning
Autopilot Honeywell SPZ-650 IFCS
Nav Dual Collins VIR-32A TAWS
Comms Dual Collins VHF-22A
DME Dual Collins DME-42
Flight Director Honeywell
Hi Frequency Bendic/King KHF-950
RMI Dual Collins RMI-36
FMS Dual Global GNS-XLS with GPS & CDU
EFIS 5 tube multi function display
CVR Fairchild GA-100
ADF Collins ADF-60
TCAS Honeywell TCAS-II


Ref : 712-2017

Cessna Citation III – 1988

More Info.

Airframe TT: 10694.4 hrs
Left Engine TTSN: 10052.8 hrs
Right Engine TTSN: 9385.10 hrs
Beige leather seating
Complimenting side panels
Maple veneer cabintry
Forward deluxe refreshment centre
Air conditioning
Autopilot Honeywell SPZ-650
Avionics package Honeywell EDZ-600
Flight Director Honeywell EDZ-600 4-tube
Comms Dual Collins VHF-22A
Nav Dual Collins VIR-32
ADF Collins ADF-60A
CVR Universal CVR-30
DME Collins DME-42 & DME-42C
FMS Universal UNS-1M with GPS
EFIS Honeywell EDZ-600
Weather radar Honeywell Primus 880

Ref : 714-2017

CITATION II 550 – 1983

More Info.

TTSN: 6624 hrs
Engine: Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4
Leather Interior
Left Engine TSN: 6837 hrs
Left Engine TSO: 3287 hrs
Time since HSI: 1621 hrs
Engine: Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4
Right Engine TSN: 6837 hrs
Right Engine TSO: 3287 hrs
Time since HSI: 1621 hrs
Standard Citation Cockpit

Ref : 728-2017

Cessna Citation I C500 – 1981

More Info.

TT: 6590 hrs
Reactors: 410 hrs available
Auto Pilot
Leather Interior
Pilot /Co-Pilot + 5 passengers
Garmin 400 GPS terrain awareness
Air date Computer
Altimeter Radio

Ref : 578-2016

Cessna 402B – 1975

More Info.

Airframe TTSN: 6274hrs
L Engine: TSOH: 1138hrs TBO: 1600hrs
R Engine: TSOH: 1023hrs TBO:1600hrs
L&R Prop TSOH: 12.4hrs
L&R Prop TS Midlife: 225hrs
L&R Prop TBO: 2000hrs/6yrs
EDM 760 Engine Monitor
Garmin 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GPS Map 496
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
King KX155 Nav/Comm
King KNS80 NAV System
Cessna 300 ADF
Narco KWX 50 Weather Radar

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Ref : 340-2015

Cessna 206 – 1968

More Info.

Airframe TT 6569 Hrs
TSOH (2013) 209 Hrs
Engine TT 805 Hrs
Prop TTSN 1456 Hrs
SID’s & SB’s up to date
Fresh MPI
CSU Overhauled
New fuel tank

Ref : 584-2016

Cessna 310Q – 1977

More Info.

TT 2664.8 hrs
LH Engine 662.10 hrs
RH Engine 662.10 hrs
LH Propeller 316.4 hrs
RH Propeller 316.4 hrs
Grey Leather interior
Full IF Panel
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GPS Map 695
Garmin SL30
Garmin SL40
Auto Pilot

Ref : 530 - 2016

Cessna T210N – 1979

More Info.

TTSN 4160 Hrs
Engine Total time 459.90 hrs
Time since overhaul N/A
Propeller total time Unknown
Time since overhaul 31.8 hrs
Overhauled January 2015
Garmin GNS 430
King KX155 Nav/Comm
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
King KR87 ADF
Insight Stormscope
Icom HF Transceiver
Cessna 400B Navomatic


Ref : 524-2016

Cessna 210L – 1976

More Info.

TTSN 3100 Hrs
Engine 3100 Hrs
Time since overhaul 980 hrs
Propeller total time 980 hrs
Time since overhaul 155 hrs
Fitted New 2000
No Accident history
GMA 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GNS 430
King KY196 TSO Comm
Garmin 296
BFG Stormscope
Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Cessna 300A Navomatic


Ref : 522-2016

Cessna 182 – 1999

More Info.

TTSN: 708
Leather Seats
Kap 147 Auto Pilot
King audio panel
King KX155 NAV/COM
King KR87 ADF
King KC79 Transponder

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Ref : 450-2016

Cessna 206 – 1976

More Info.

Airframe Total: 5821
Engine SMOH: 0.0
Prop Total: 945, SMOH: 216
Grey Leather Interior
NAV/COM1 King KX 155
NAV/COM2 King KX 175

*Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn*

Ref : 434-2016

Cessna 182 – 1969

More Info.

TTSN: 6400 Hrs
Engine O 470 R
Engine TSOH: 1150 Hrs
Prop TSOH: 820 Hrs
AH, DI Turn Slip
Dual Coms
Nav, Comm with ILS
Mode C Transponder
**SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD**

Ref : 267-2015