Bell Jetranger 206 B3 – 1992

More Info.

TTSN: 2840 hrs
Grey fabric Interior
Dual Controls
Wire Strike Kit
High Skid gear with flight steps
Rain Gutters
Boot Extender
Flap Restraints
Rotor Brake
Inspection Steps
Back Wedge Windows
Particle Separator
Audio Panel – Bendix King KMA-24
Intercom – DC-Com
Com/Radio – King KY196
ADF – King KR87
GPS – Flymap L GPS
Artificial Horizon
HSI Slaved – King KCS55
ELT – 406MHz
Directional Gyro
Turn Co-coordinator
Shadin Microflo-L Fuel Flow Indicator

Ref : B206-1248

Bell Jetranger 206 B3 – 1981

More Info.

TTSN: 5810 hrs
Dual Controls
Tan Leather interior
High Skid Gear
Pre-Flight Steps & handles
Wedge Windows
Pop-out Chin Bubble
Cargo Hook Provisions

Garmin GTN650 GPS
Garmin GTN 650 Comm
King Ky-196A Comm
Garmin GTN650 Nav/Moving Map
Garmin GTX345 Transponder
Barrier Filter
Range Extender

Ref : B206-1284

BELL 407 – 2008

More Info.

TTSN: 1500 hrs
Engines: Allison Roll-Royce 250-C47B
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Baggage Compartment Extension
Flotation landing gear
Wire Strike Protection System
Safety Kit Pre-Flight Kit steps
Passenger Wedge Windows with slide
Whelen 2 position strobes
Floor Protector Collective Safety Cover
Cabin Floor Protector Kit
Crew Wedge Windows
Automatic door opener kits
Folding maintenance steps
Ground Handling wheels

Deluxe Avionics Console Assembly
Avionics Master Switch
Artex C406-NHM /3 Freq-w-GPS Interface ELT
Sandel Avionics SN3500 EHSI
PS Engineering PMA 7000B Audio Panel
Garmin GTX-328 Mode S Transponder
Garmin GNC 420W VHF Comm Transceiver/GPS Receiver
Rotor Brake
Dual Controls
Air Comm Air conditioning
Dual Forward Evaps/heater/defroster
Wired for Bose Headsets x 7
Engine Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF)

Ref : B407-1158

BELL 407 – 2002

More Info.

TTSN: 650 hrs
Corporate Configuration
AFS Inlet Barrier Filter
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
High Skids
Intercom Expansion Kit
Pre-flight Step Handles
Folding MX Steps
Crew Door Opener Kit
Pax Door Opener Kit
Baggage and Floor Protectors
Deluxe Slope Control Kit
Sliding Windows

Garmin 530 GPS/Comm
Garmin 430 GPS/Comm
SL70 Transponder
Stormscope WX-500
SkyWatch TRC 497
Radar Alt KI250
Shadin Miniflo
Sandel HSI
ELT 406
Force Trim
Dual Controls
Air Conditioning

Ref : B407 – 1160

BELL 407 – 2008

More Info.

TTSN: 950 hrs
Cycles: 1289
Tan Leather Interior
High Skid Gear
Wire Strike kit
Rotor Brake
Bose Headsets
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Air Conditioning
Chelton 2-tube EFIS MFD with Synthetic Vision/TAWS/HITS/AHRS/ADC/GPS/WAAS
Audio Panel PMA8000BT
Dual Garmin SL30 Nav/Comm
Garmin GTX330 Digital Mode S Transponder
Garmin 496 GPS
Artex C406-22HM ELT
NAT AA34-300 Audio Adaptor

Ref : B407-1228

BELL 407 – 2006

More Info.

TTSN: 970 hrs
VIP leather interior
Auxiliary tank
LED Strobes
LED Anti Collision lights
Air conditioning
7 x Bose noise cancelling headsets
Full length panoramic windows
Tie Downs & exhaust plugs
SAT aerial for Garmin 750
Garmin 750 touch screen with
– WX
Artificial Horizon
Co-Pilot pedal lock out kit
Auto Pilot (Dual Controls)

Ref : B407-1130

Bell Jetranger 206 B3 – 1996

More Info.

TTSN: 2993 hrs
Exterior: White with red/blue stripe detail
Wire Strike Kit
Cargo Hook Provisions
Dual Controls
Rotor Brake
Wedge Windows
High Skid Gear
Garmin GNS430
Garmin Audio Panel GMA340
Garmin Comm SL30
Radar Alt TRI40
Ipod Socket
Facet Filter Kit

Ref : B206B3-1100

Bell Jetranger 206 B3 – 1980

More Info.

TTSN: 4500 hrs
Dual Controls
Quick Release Doors
Rotor Brake
Wedge Windows
High Skids
Garmin 430
Artificial Horizon
Directional Indicator
Bendix King KT76A
5 DC Headsets

Ref : B206-1088

Bell 230 – 1994

More Info.

TTSN 3455 Hrs
Leather VIP interior
Dual Controls
4 King 500 EFIS tubes with autopilot
Full Co-Pilot Instruments.
Garmin 400 coupled to Auto Pilot.
Radar Alt. Coupled to EFIS.
Bendix King-MFD.
WX Radar
Force Trim

KD AVX Entertainment Centre
RDR Colour radar
Moving Map King KMD850
Radar Altimeter King KRA403
Dual King KTR908 VHF Comms
Dual King KNR634 VOR
Dual King KMA24H Audio
ADF King KDF806
DME King
Transponder King KT
Garmin 420 GPS/Comms
Skywaden SKY497 Traffic avoidance
4 Tube EFIS-Nav coupled

Ref : B230-1028

Bell 206 L3 Helicopter – 1992

More Info.

TTAF: 5545 hrs
Exterior: Bell White/Red stripes
Air Conditioner
High Skid Landing Gear
Dual Control
Corporate Leather Interior
4 seater + pilot & co-pilot
Dual Navy/Comm Bendix/King KX-165
GPS Garmin 150 XL suitable for Bell helicopter
ADF Bendix/King KR-87
ATC Transponder KT-76A
ELT Artex ME406-HM
DME Bendix/King KN-62A Suitable for the Bell Helicopter dashboard
Fresh MRH & MRB

Ref : B206L3 - 882

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