Beechcraft Baron 58 – 1974

More Info.

TTSN: 5259hrs
Twin engines
Leather interior
6 seat configuration

Artificial Horizon
Turn & Side Tilt indicator
Air speed Indicator
Garmin GPS/COM

Ref : BAR58 - 964

Beechcraft King Air 200 – 1980

More Info.

TTSN: 10958,90 hrs
TCSN: 10484
Engine 1 TSN: 10958,90 hrs
Engine 2 TSN: 11089 hrs
Interior currently being refurbished – pictures to follow on completion
Auto-Pilot Collins AP105
Flight Director Collins FD109Z
Co-Pilot HSI Collins PN101
Dual Encoding Altimeters
Dual Audio Panels DB Systems 401

Garmin GNC420 – Comm/GPS
Garmin GP155
Radar Collins WXR300 Colour radar
HF – Bendix King
ADF Collins 60A
DME Collins DME40
Dual COM Collins VHF20A
Dual NAV Collins VIR30
Storm Scope BFG WX1000
Dual RMI Indicators Collins Alt55
Dual Remote Compass Sperry C-14
ELT RC200 – 406

Ref : B200-976

King Air 200 – 1994

More Info.

*Plus VAT and Shipping

TTAF: 5449 hrs
Left Engine TBO: 3600
Left Engine TSOH: 2489
Hrs Since Hot Section: 714
Right Engine TBO: 3600
Right Engine TSOH: 2489
Hrs Since Hot Section: 714
Propeller TSOH: 1060
Beige Leather interior
Aft Air
Electric Heat
Deice Brakes
Auto Feather

EFIS-85 (3 tube)
APS-65 Auto Pilot
Dual MCS-65 HSI/compass
Dual RMI-30s
Dual VHF-22C Comm
Dual VIR-32 Nav
Dual DME-42
Dual TDR-94D with EFID Transponders
Artex 406 ELT
WX-1000 Stormscope
Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery


Ref : K200 – 984

Hawker Beechcraft 800XP – 1999

More Info.

TTSN: 7429 hrs
Left Engine TSN: 7215hrs
Right Engine TSN: 7247 hrs
Engines Honeywell TFE731-5BR
Auxiliary Power Unit – Garrett GTCP 36-150-P-680
RVSM approved Global AFIS
Cream Leather interior
8 Seater configuration
Forward Galley
Aft Belted toilet
Coat Closet
Entertainment Centre Airshow 400 audio/video player
Honeywell TCAS II TCAS
Sundstrand MkVII EGPWS
Universal UNC 120B CVR

Avionics Honeywell Primus II 5 Tube EFIS
Dual Honeywell RCZ851 Comms
Dual Honeywell RCZ 851 Transponder
Dual Honeywell RNZ850 Nav
Dual Honeywell DFZ-800 Autopilot
Dual Honeywell RCZ851 DME
Dual Honeywell EDZ817 Flight Director
Dual Honeywell RNZ850 ADF
Dual Honeywell FMZ 2000 FMS
Dual Honeywell AHZ-600 AHRS
Dual King KHF 950 with Selcal HF
Honeywell Primus 880 Radar
Allied Signal FDR
Honeywell AA-300 Radar Alt
Dual Honeywell ADZ-810
Dual Weather Radar Controllers

Ref : H800-988

Hawker Beechcraft 900XP – 2008

More Info.

TTAF: 1552 hrs
Engines: Honeywell TFE731-50R-1H
TT: 1552hrs
APU: Model GTCP36-150(W)
TT: 1784 hrs
Thrust Reversers
Aircell ST3100 Iridium Phone
Entertainment System: Airshow 410
15” LCD Monitor
Cabin Hinged Door
Additional Storage under each club chair
Drop Down Inboard Armrests
8 Seater configuration – leather
5 cabin chairs
3 Place Divan
Forward galley

Collins Proline 21 Avionics Suite
Comms: Dual Collins VHF 4000
Transceiver: Collins HF9000
Nav1: Collins Nav 4000
Nav2: Collins Nav 4500
Collins Integrated Flight Information System
Dual Collins GPS 4000A
Dual TDR-94D
Dual Collins DME4000
Dual Collins AHC 300 AHRS
Dual Collins ADC3000
Dual Collins FMS6000
Dual Collins CDU6200
Collins MDC3110
Dual Collins FGC3000
Universal CVR120
Honeywell flight Data Recorder
Collins TWR-850 Turbulence weather radar
Collins TCAS400
Artex ELT 406

Ref : H900XP-906

Hawker Beechcraft 125-700A – 1983

More Info.

TTAF: 12366 hrs
Left Engine 12047 hrs
Right Engine 11 258 hrs
Beige leather interior
DVD & CD Players
Forward Galley
Forward Baggage Compartment
Aft coat Closet
Aft Lavatory
Cockpit Voice Recorder
Kannad 406 ELT
Dual Universal UNS-IL Flight management system




Dual Collins VHF 20 Comms
Dual Collins VIR-30A Navs
Dual Collins DME-40
Dual Collins TDR 90 Transponders
Dual FD109Z Flight Director
Collins APS-80 Autopilot
Collins ADF 60 ADF
Collis ALT-55B Altimeter
Honeywell Primus 400 Radar System
Universal MFD 640 Multi functional display

Ref : H700-952

Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1 – 2003

More Info.

TTSN: 1 640 hrs
1450 Cycles
Engines on Tap Elite Program
Fuel AHC 3000 AHRS
Dual ADC-3000
Refreshment Station
RVSM Approved
Single Point Refuelling
6 Seat Config
PC Outlets
Cockpit Sliding Door
JAR Ops Compliant
Remote Control entry Lighting
*Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn* *Withdrawn*

Ref : 466-2016

Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1 – 2000

More Info.

*Ex Europe
TTSN 3995 Hrs
Williams Rolls FJ44 – 2A Engines
Engines 329 Hrs SOH
Dual Bose Headsets
Dual FMS 3000
GPS 4000 A

EU Ops I Compliant
Artex ELT
Collins TWR 850 Weather
RVSM Approved
Private Aft Lav


Ref : 246-2015

King Air B200 BLACKHAWK – 1984

More Info.

Airframe TTSN: 13 000 hrs.
Engines: 1080 hrs.
Gear Cycles: 13180
Engine Cycles: 1100
Blackhawk Super XP52 Upgrade Completed, and new Engines fitted.
Fitted with a full Raisbeck Conversion.
Interior redone.
4 Tube EFIS, FMS etc.
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes.
Comm1/2: Collins VHF 20.
Nav1/2: Collins VIR 30.
Radar Altimeter:
Auto Pilot:
Collins MPU-85 Multi Function processing unit.
Collins DPU-85 Display Processing Unit.




Ref : 332-2015

Beechcraft Bonanza F33A – 1990

More Info.

Total time sice new 4950 hours
TSOH 1164 hours
Osborne Tip Tanks 3600 lbs
Three Blade Propeller
Passenger Seat – Removable
Tinted Windshield & Windows
Steel blue leather seats, Gray carpet Interior
Matterhorn White Overall with Deep Blue and Bright Red Stripes Exterior

King KFC-150 Autopilot / Flight Director / Slaved HSI
King KCS-55A Slaved Compass System
Storm Scope WX-1000+ Stormscope WX Mapping with Check List
Garmin 340 Audio Panel with 3-Light Marker Beacon and 5-Place VOX ICS GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin 430 Coupled to HSI with Fuel Flow Sensor
King KX-155 NAV/COMM #2 with KI-208 Indicator
King KN-63 DME with HOLD & NAV 1 & 2 Switching
King KR-87 ADF with KI-227 Indicator and Landing Gear
Squat Switch
Garmin GTX-330 Mode S Digital Duel Transponder w/Traffic
King KT-76A Mode C Transponder
King KEA-130A Encoding Altimeter
Copilot Standby Altimeter
GEM 610 Engine Monitor
TF500 Fuel Flow Transducer Coupled with
Garmin 430
Avionics Master Switch
Ground COMM Switch
Control Yoke Mic Switch
Control Yoke Transponder Ident Button
Control Yoke Electric Trim Switch
Wired for Yoke Mounted Garmin 496 Coupled to Garmin 430
Wired for GTX Traffic info & 430 flight plan to display on 496
Wired for Music Input from Garmin 496 with Music Mute
Warning Lights “ Alternator, Starter, Std by Gyro, and Gyro
Wire for Bose Headsets (Pilot & Copilot)
Static Wicks
Alternate Static Air System
Fire Extinguisher
Gust lock


Ref : 24-2013

Beechcraft King Air C90 – 1981

More Info.


TTSN: 5015 hrs

Left Engine:
TTSN: 5015 hrs
TSOH: 1440 hrs

Right Engine:
TTSN: 5015 hrs
TSOH: 1440 hrs

L TSOH: 320 hrs
R TSOH: 320 hrs

Landing Gear Overhaul 2014
Hose Replacement 2012
Garmin NAV/Comm 530
Garmin SL 300
S-TEC 65 Flight Director
Garmin 600 EFIS
GTX 330 Mod S Transponder
GTX 327
Skywatch HP Sky 899 TCAS
Landmark TAWS 8000
Lavatory Seat

Ref : 174-2014

Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1- 2002

More Info.

*Withdrawn from Market*

TTSN 1 600 Hrs
Williams Rolls FJ44 – 2A Engines
Dual Bose Headsets
Dual FMS 3000
Dual GPS 4000
Artex ELT
Collins TWR 850 Weather
RVSM Approved
Fresh Annual Inspection
Fresh 600 Inspection
Always Hangered

Ref : 124-2013
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